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We're Not The Only Ones Worried About Corruption At The Department Of Energy

Simon lost his job for protecting our freedoms. If you have a story to tell or ideas for how Simon can put his creative talents to work for the environment, email him here: iCanHelpSimon@gmail.com.

Source: Now This

Our client Simon Edelman wanted to use his skills to serve his country, so he accepted a position with the U.S. Department of Energy. His role was capturing and producing creative content to tell the day-to-day stories at Energy. But then he witnessed a violation of public trust.


Simon took photographs in a meeting where controversial coal billionaire Bob Murray presented a wish list to Energy Secretary Rick Perry. When, months later, Perry announced a plan to subsidize Murray’s company, Simon knew he had to act.

In accordance with his oath as a public servant to protect and defend the Constitution, he shared unclassified evidence of this corruption with the media. And it worked -- the corrupt coal proposal was rejected.

But Simon felt the backlash personally. The government seized his personal belongings--including his laptop, cameras, lighting equipment and other tools he needed to earn a living then put him on leave with no explanation. Soon after, he was fired.

Whistleblower Aid stepped up to help. We've already retrieved most of Simon's belongings, and with pro bono assistance from our friends at Constantine Cannon, helped him to file a lawsuit this week to enforce his rights. With support from all of you, we even helped him pay his rent.

Simon’s story wasn’t important only to us. His story matters to everyone who cares about the rule of law and believes in a government of and for the people. Simon’s case was covered by The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Post, and a number of other outlets. The video about Simon’s disclosure produced by “Now This”, for example, has over 6 million views. And this week, the New Yorker wrote about his case.

Whistleblowers work for the greater good by providing a system of checks and balances against abuse of power. We support these heroes, by providing a safe way for them to speak, to share their stories, and to be heard. But as our founder and Simon know first-hand, whistleblowers can pay the price for coming forward.

Now’s your opportunity to help Simon - please consider him for collaborations and upcoming work opportunities. You can view his talent here or email him directly at iCanHelpSimon@gmail.com.

Power protects itself. Whistleblowers are key to making sure we hold power accountable. And whistleblowers need your help.

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