Report Misconduct in Ireland

Free help blowing the whistle lawfully in Ireland.

Whistleblowers are more important than ever in maintaining accountability.

Whistleblower Aid is a U.S. non-profit organization that helps brave employees report and publicize their concerns - safely, lawfully, and responsibly. Members from our legal team represented the whistleblower whose complaint led to the impeachment of the U.S. President in December 2019. Learn More.

In Ireland, we are working with a network of local solicitors, transparency advocates, and media specialists to provide free support for those reporting wrongdoing by health care organizations, governmental agencies, and other institutions.

We protect whistleblowers from retaliation and help safely report concerns to authorities and the media. If you feel something is wrong we can hear your concern in confidence and work to bring about corrective action.

In Ireland, we are working with Solicitor Matthew Kenny of O’Sullivan Kenny Solicitors, based in Dublin, who reviews every inquiry, and can provide legal advice on options for whistleblowers under Irish law. Whistleblower Aid shall not provide legal advice on Irish law. But, even for Ireland, Whistleblower Aid can advise clients on matters of international law.

How To Contact Us from Ireland:

  • On a personal phone or iPod touch, using a personal or public internet connection (not at work) reach out to us using the Signal encrypted phone app at +353.87.351.5760. This number does not work for regular phone calls or SMS text messages.

The Signal app is relatively secure, but uses your phone number to identify you. If that is a problem, or you are otherwise particularly concerned about digital security you can follow these instructions to contact us on an even more secure system, called SecureDrop, which is designed for the most sensitive cases.

Initial communications between lawyers and prospective clients for the purpose of deciding whether or not to establish legal representation are protected by attorney-client privilege. We will protect all your communications as much as possible.

Whistleblower Aid is a registered charity in the United States, and donations are tax-deductible only in the United States. Whistleblower Aid shall provide all services to Irish residents entirely for free.

Advantages of Whistleblower Aid

Whistleblower Aid is unique.

Other legal organizations do not currently provide all of these advantages that Whistleblower Aid provides to every client:

Security and Anonymity

Insecure technologies like regular email and phones can’t protect your identity. Whistleblower Aid uses exclusively encrypted and anonymous channels to communicate with clients. We can provide every client with new, customized and encrypted devices so that you can be sure your communications with us are secure and confidential.

Legal Knowledge and Experience

Members of our legal team have decades of experience and were counsel for the most impactful whistleblower case in recent memory, which led to the impeachment of the President of the United States in 2019. Our founder and CEO, John N. Tye, was himself a U.S. National Security Agency whistleblower who understands the challenges that whistleblowers face. Whistleblower Aid has represented multiple whistleblowers in highly sensitive matters and is intimately familiar with proper reporting channels.

Avoiding & Defending Retaliation

We can help you avoid retaliation by keeping your identity secret. But if you do ultimately suffer reprisals, we can help you fight back and enforce your rights as an employee and whistleblower. Members of our legal team have years of experience representing whistleblowers in retaliation claims.

Free, Pro Bono Representation

Whistleblower Aid is a non-profit legal organization. WBA routinely represents whistleblowers, on a pro bono basis and in the public interest, regardless of whether there is any opportunity for a monetary recovery. In the rare case where attorneys fees are awarded, they are used to help other whistleblowers to report lawbreaking by government agencies, businesses and individuals.

Contact Us

Contact our lawyers first, as soon as possible. If you disclose your concerns first to your employer or others not bound to confidentiality, then you are more likely to suffer retaliation. Communications with a lawyer are protected by attorney-client privilege while we work with you to find the best way to report your disclosure.

Our intake system, called SecureDrop, is designed to protect your anonymity while we assess whether we can help you. SecureDrop is the best choice for anyone worried about retaliation.

SecureDrop takes five minutes longer than sending an email, but it is vastly more secure. Think of the difference between shouting your private message across a crowded room and delivering an encoded message that only the recipient can decode. We recommend whistleblowers never use regular email or telephones to discuss their case.

EU General Data Protection Regulation

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