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Security & Trust

Becoming a whistleblower is risky. We want to earn your trust.

Prospective Whistleblowers

If you are considering becoming a whistleblower, you must be extremely cautious. Consider the risks:

  • Employment protections for whistleblowers are too weak. Many whistleblowers have no legal recourse if they lose their jobs.
  • Even unintended mistakes can expose whistleblowers to criminal prosecution.
  • Clients with the most sensitive national security secrets can face physical threats from hostile foreign intelligence services.

How we build trust

Contact Us First

Talk to a lawyer before you do anything else. Many whistleblowers regret waiting to speak to an attorney.

Secure channels only

You should only discuss your case with a lawyer that you trust, over a secure channel. Never use email, web forms, regular phone calls or text messages. In-person meetings should be conducted away from all electronic devices.

Security is our top priority

Whistleblower Aid has invested significant time, energy, and money in building systems that protect our clients and prospective clients. Every member of the Whistleblower Aid team is required to read, understand, sign, and strictly follow our security policies. Our systems have been independently audited by security experts, and they are regularly improved and updated.

No system is 100% secure

But we believe in our systems, and we feel comfortable recommending them even for clients with the most sensitive secrets. We hope to cultivate a cycle of increasing mutual trust between Whistleblower Aid and prospective clients.

Anonymous website access

Typically, digital records are created every time you access any website. If you would like to access this website anonymously using a personal (not work) computer, install Tor Browser, available at torproject.org.

Tor allows you to go online anonymously, concealing your IP address from the websites you visit. Inside Tor Browser, enter this special URL: p6ufg73qskew53cglxt6hktyt35rbl46yultzyuytq3tvicywa3pclid.onion.

Privacy policy

See our privacy policy for more information on how we handle our supporters' and clients’ data.