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Our Services

Our clients come first. We fight hard to protect them.

How we help

We will consider issues arising from any area of U.S. law or policy. In some cases, it may be possible for whistleblowers to remain anonymous even if they choose to move forward with a complaint.

Our Legal Services

  • 2020 Election Misconduct
    Legal representation and media support for whistleblowers with disclosures about misconduct and irregularities in federal and local administration of the 2020 election.
  • COVID-19-related misconduct
    Legal representation and media support for whistleblowers with disclosures about COVID-19-related misconduct in the public or private sector.
  • Holding the IRS and Treasury Department accountable
    Facilitating disclosures of misconduct inside these crucial agencies
  • Helping federal investigators
    To gather evidence of legal and ethical violations by U.S. officials.
  • Publicizing complaints
    Through pre-publication review, First Amendment lawsuits in federal courts, and other lawful approaches to engage the media.
  • Meeting with Members of Congress
    Their staff and the relevant oversight committees.
  • Filing internal complaints
    Filing complaints with agency Inspectors General and the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.
  • Whistleblower protection advocacy
    Advocacy to strengthen and improve legal protections for whistleblowers, which are currently too weak.
  • SEC, IRS and Qui Tam fraud claims
    Filing tips disclosing security law violations and fraud against United States, seeking monetary rewards for whistleblowers.

Additional Support

Whistleblower Aid seeks to lower the barriers for courageous patriots to step forward. As a human and civil rights organization headquartered in the District of Columbia, in some cases we hope to provide clients with additional support including:

  • Media & public relations coaching
  • Dedicated, Secure Devices
    For clients’ use in communicating with us about their case
  • Employment claims under the Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Transition Assistance
    Temporary rent or mortgage support and networking to help find new jobs, in case of loss of employment
  • Psycho-social counseling and treatment

Why we're different

Whistleblower Aid is unique.

Other organizations — including Wikileaks, journalistic publications, and even some other legal groups and whistleblower organizations — do not currently provide all of these advantages that Whistleblower Aid provides to every client:

Attorney-client privilege

We are legally prohibited from sharing your communications or your identity with anyone else without your explicit consent.

Free legal advice

We help clients safely, lawfully and responsibly report questionable government and corporate activity with free legal advice from attorneys with extensive experience on issues related to classified information and whistleblowing.

Ethical Commitment

Whistleblower Aid is required to act in the best interests of each client. If you decide not to go forward with a complaint, then we will never publicize anything you have told us. Your secrets will never leave us.

Secure communications technology

We have implemented sophisticated security protocols so that no one else can learn what you tell us, or even that you contacted us. Security is our top priority.


We are a non-ideological, non-partisan, not for profit legal organization that does not seek to advance a particular agenda beyond protecting the rule of law.

Premier Network

We engage only exceptional lawyers — recognized leaders in the field who are committed to our mission. Collectively our network has many decades of experience in government and national security law, and an established history handling matters related to classified information and whistleblowing.

Criminal Matters

We created this project to provide legal advice and representation to prospective whistleblowers, and to improve legal protections for whistleblowers. For those under active criminal investigation, we may be able to provide advice or refer them to another lawyer. We are not a criminal defense firm, and in general we cannot provide criminal defense to individuals who have already been charged with crimes.

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