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Stand with Whistleblowers Against
Government Lawbreaking

We have watched with concern as U.S. elections have been corrupted by foreign agents. We have seen many examples of government officials who do not respect the rule of law. American democracy is threatened.

We must hold the government accountable. And we must support whistleblowers who risk their careers to speak out against official lawbreaking.

Today you can support the rights of heroic public servants and private workers who lawfully report misconduct to U.S. agencies and officials – on issues like military and intelligence, the environment, healthcare, financial regulation and labor.

Your signature today supports Whistleblower Aid’s free legal services that assist and protect those brave enough to stand up to government lawbreaking. Whistleblower Aid helps them safely come forward so they can uphold the oath they swore to defend and protect our Constitution.

Sign the petition now to stand with courageous whistleblowers and lawfully defend the republic.

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