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Whistleblower Aid’s Vision

We were inspired to found Whistleblower Aid because of our love for our country — and our own firsthand experiences. We know the challenges that whistleblowers face.

What is Whistleblower Aid?

Whistleblower Aid is a non-profit, legal organization in Washington, D.C. We support individuals who, lawfully, report government and corporate law breaking. We can provide assistance to individuals in the United States or abroad who want to disclose illegal conduct, including misconduct relating to:

  1. the United States government or federal officials;
  2. securities fraud by corporate officers, investment advisors, or stock brokers;
  3. foreign governments or their representatives;
  4. local or state governments, including police and prosecutors;
  5. violations of the tax, labor, or environmental laws;
  6. sexual violence or harassment; and
  7. organized crime, human trafficking, and mass atrocities

Unless we recover a monetary reward, everything we do for the clients is free.

If we cannot help you today, we will do our best to securely connect you to lawyers or others who can help.

Whistleblowing ≠ Leaking

Whistleblowing is not necessarily the same as leaking. Whistleblowing means reporting and exposing government and corporate law breaking. “Leaking” means disclosing classified or confidential information to someone who is not legally authorized to receive it. If classified or confidential information is leaked, the source and even the recipient may be criminally prosecuted or legally liable. No one should have to risk their career or their freedom, to follow their conscience. That's why we created Whistleblower Aid.

Whistleblower Aid is not Wikileaks. No one should ever send classified information to Whistleblower Aid. Whistleblower Aid will never assist clients or prospective clients with leaking classified information.

The Government Whistleblower's Challenge

Every U.S. civil servant and military service member swears an oath “to support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Government whistleblowers thus face a complex moral calculus.

  • Governments have a legitimate authority, even a duty, to criminalize the disclosure of certain secrets.
  • Governments sometimes abuse that legitimate authority, improperly classifying information to shield themselves from public scrutiny.
  • Everyone who has sworn an oath to protect our Constitution and laws has a duty to try to rectify lawbreaking by government agencies and officials.

We recognize and respect that, as they decide how to proceed, each person must follow his or her own conscience.

By making it easier for whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing without breaking the law or incurring criminal liability, we hope to encourage more patriots to come forward. Together, we can protect the American republic.

Holding Corporations Accountable

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alone cannot protect investors from securities fraud by public companies, investment advisors, stock brokers, banks and others in the financial industry. Accountability across this entire industry protects main street investors. The SEC needs the help of whistleblowers who report fraudulent activity.

  • To reward insiders who put themselves at risk to protect the public, Congress has required that the SEC give monetary awards to individuals who provide information leading to SEC enforcement actions resulting in judgments of over $1 million.
  • Whistleblower Aid can assist whistleblowers in confidentially submitting informations to the SEC regarding securities fraud and in seeking a monetary award when the information results in a successful SEC enforcement action.

For information about the SEC’s whistleblower awards program, the large monetary awards already made to whistleblowers, and the assistance Whistleblower Aid can provide to those willing to report investment fraud, go to the “SEC Rewards”, portion of this website.