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Contact Instructions - SecureDrop


No system is without risk. But SecureDrop is the state-of-the-art, anonymous communication technology that best protects prospective clients from eavesdroppers. Using SecureDrop allows you to submit a request and communicate with us completely anonymously while we assess whether we can help you.

THIS IS THE MOST SECURE WAY TO CONTACT WHISTLEBLOWER AID. If you have any concerns about sensitivity and anonymity only contact us using SecureDrop.


Our system is reasonably secure. But it will not protect you if:

  • You are already being followed or surveilled
  • Your computer is already compromised

If you have reason to believe either of these things is true, then consider using cash to buy a cheap new computer and USB drive, install an operating system called Tails on the USB drive, and then access our SecureDrop URL using Tails.

If you are not comfortable with any of these instructions, or if you are incapable of executing them precisely, or if do not think you can safely avoid surveillance, then you should NOT contact Whistleblower Aid.

Written retainer required

If we decide to proceed with your case, we will notify you using SecureDrop with instructions on how to sign a written retainer. Regardless of our initial communications, you are not our client, and we do not represent you, unless and until you have signed a written, signed, paper hard copy retainer agreement provided by us.

If you have not signed a written, paper hard copy retainer agreement you received from Whistleblower Aid, then Whistleblower Aid does not represent you, and you are not Whistleblower Aid’s client.

Before you can sign a written retainer with us, we will require proof of your name and identity (although this information is not required in your first message). Regardless of whether we accept you as an actual client, all your communications with us are privileged communications and entitled to legal protection.

If your matter is urgent and you would like someone to reach out as quickly as possible, include a cellphone number associated with Signal, the free smartphone app. Signal uses a current cellphone number to make encrypted calls and messages to other Signal users over the phone’s internet connection. The inclusion of a Signal number does not guarantee an immediate response, but gives us the chance to connect with you more quickly. We will not call you if you leave only your Signal number and do not describe your problem. Include information as described below.

Sending your message

Precisely follow the detailed steps below to contact Whistleblower Aid. There is always risk in any online communication, but we feel comfortable recommending this method.

  • Do NOT use a computer owned by the government or your employer. Bring your personal laptop to a Wi-Fi network that is NOT associated with you or your employer, like at a coffee shop in a different neighborhood.
  • Download and install the Tor Browser from torproject.org. Tor allows you to go online anonymously, concealing your IP address from the websites you visit.

    SecureDrop uses a special kind of Onion URL that only works in Tor Browser. Do NOT type the following URL into a non-Tor Browser (like Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). It won’t work — and it will create a digital record.

  • To message us over SecureDrop, copy and paste either of the following special URLs into your Tor Browser:

    • http://whistlebloweraid.securedrop.tor.onion
    • http://kogbxf4ysay2qzozmg7ar45ijqmj2vxrwqa4upzqq2i7sqj7wv7wcdqd.onion

    You will find further instructions there.

Include in your initial message:

Whistleblower complaints should include a claim of waste, fraud, abuse or illegality by a United States government agency or official. Please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Please summarize the illegality or abuse, including dates and details in chronological order if you can. Which company, agency, official or entity is responsible for the wrongful acts? What is your employment position and how did you learn of this matter?
  2. To whom have you disclosed this information, if anyone? Please describe the substance of your disclosure(s) so that we may fully understand the sequence of events up to this point.
  3. Has your knowledge or report of this situation caused any retaliation or adverse action against you? If so, please include as much detail as possible and all relevant dates.
  4. Are you currently involved in any legal or administrative proceedings? Please describe what actions are ongoing and reasons for your involvement.
  5. You do not need to provide your name in your initial message to Whistleblower Aid. However, if you do not provide your name in your first message, you will be required to provide your name at some point before you may become our client by signing a retainer agreement. It is impossible for Whistleblower Aid to provide legal advice or representation to anyone without first verifying their identity.

Discretion & Disclaimers

We cannot accept every case, but we review each message carefully. Our decision about whether and on what terms to accept a case is entirely at our own discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any case or client. This website is for informational and advertising purposes only. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome for any other case. Information on this website does not constitute legal advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

When Whistleblower Aid chooses not to accept a case or client we will generally inform you within two weeks by return message over Secure Drop. To protect the security and privacy of those who reach out to us we do not leave messages about cases we choose not to accept sitting on our servers. Thirty days after we have sent you a notice saying we are not taking your case we will delete any messages you have sent us.