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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy statement is applicable to whistlebloweraid.org, P6ufg73qskew53cglxt6hktyt35rbl46yultzyuytq3tvicywa3pclid.onion, whistlebloweraid.securedrop.tor.onion, kogbxf4ysay2qzozmg7ar45ijqmj2vxrwqa4upzqq2i7sqj7wv7wcdqd.onion, and all other websites owned and operated by Whistleblower Aid as a project of Values United, the not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Washington, D.C. All references to Whistleblower Aid will pertain to its websites at whistlebloweraid.org, P6ufg73qskew53cglxt6hktyt35rbl46yultzyuytq3tvicywa3pclid.onion, whistlebloweraid.securedrop.tor.onion, and kogbxf4ysay2qzozmg7ar45ijqmj2vxrwqa4upzqq2i7sqj7wv7wcdqd.onion.


Whistleblower Aid does not collect personal information except when provided voluntarily. Whistleblower Aid does not sell or rent donor or website visitor information under any circumstances, and we do not share donor or visitor information without prior consent except as compelled by law.

Whistleblower Aid does not keep website logs. We do not collect any data from your browser, nor do we record your IP address. We will never make a list of who visits our website. Whistleblower Aid is not collecting any personally identifying information (PII).

Voluntary opportunities to share personal data with Whistleblower Aid:

Email signup
If you choose to sign up for periodic emails or monthly donation reminders, Whistleblower Aid will keep your email address for only those purposes. We will never share or sell our email list to a third party. The only way your email address will be shared with anyone outside of this organization (those associated with and employed by Values United, Inc. and Whistleblower Aid), will be pursuant to a judicial order or warrant from law enforcement. If Whistleblower Aid is subpoenaed, we will do everything legally within our power to prevent sharing personal information with law enforcement.

Whistleblower Aid requires only an email address and postal code to donate by credit card. Your email address and postal code is the only information that will be stored without your express consent. We may take your address if you wish to receive a record of your tax-deductible donation for U.S. tax filing purposes, but you will have to provide that additional information to us and communicate that you wish to receive a record of your donation. We use Stripe to process payments to Whistleblower Aid. In order to use a credit card to donate, Stripe will require particular information to verify your payment method and your identity. Whistleblower Aid does not receive that information, except your email address. Information submitted to Stripe for donation purposes is therefore governed by Stripe’s privacy policy.

Client and prospective client information
No person is required to provide their name to Whistleblower Aid. However, Whistleblower Aid cannot sign a retainer for legal representation without certain information from prospective clients, including verification of their name and identity. Prospective clients who want to sign retainers with Whistleblower Aid for legal representation may, at their discretion, decide voluntarily to provide such information to us. We consider such information confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege. We will vigorously fight any legal proceeding that seeks to force Whistleblower Aid to reveal the confidences of clients or prospective clients, including their identities.

Disclosure of Your Information

Whistleblower Aid endeavors to provide the highest level of protection of your information and your identity. We may disclose your information about you to third parties in limited circumstances, including: (1) with your consent; or (2) when it is required by law, such as pursuant to a subpoena or other judicial order.

We use reasonable security measures to store and protect your personal information. We use HTTPS by default and a .onion website for contacting us directly. Our proprietary & confidential security policies have been independently audited by security experts, and are updated frequently to adopt the strongest security measures that we can find.

Changes to this policy

Whistleblower Aid may periodically update this policy. If significant changes are made we will notify our users.