Team Member

Team Member

Naomi Seligman

Naomi Seligman is a nationally-recognized strategic communications and accountability leader who has spent decades working in government and political advocacy. After years on Capitol Hill, she … [Read more...] about Naomi Seligman

Robin Sawyer

Robin Sawyer was a military spouse for over a decade, active as a community volunteer and organizer in both the United States and European theaters. In 2020, she was campaign manager of a … [Read more...] about Robin Sawyer

Libby Liu

Libby Liu is an internationally renowned expert on human rights, press freedom, information operations and internet freedom who joined Whistleblower Aid as chief executive officer in April … [Read more...] about Libby Liu

Red Joseph

Red Joseph served two years as an investigator at the Public Defender Service of D.C. There, he worked vigorously to procure evidence and witnesses to defend his clients’ constitutional rights. Mr. … [Read more...] about Red Joseph